Congratulations to Class of 2015 for their second tournament for the season to be undefeated. This weekend at the Naval Academy Rivalry Challenge the Class of 2015 were 4-0 against some of the top teams in Maryland.

Class of 2015 Elite Black takes another undefeated tournament at Presidents Cup under their belts. Great job ladies and keep up the good work!

Thompson Films is the official production company for Midwestern Force and offers a variety of services for the players. For the upcoming 2015 summer tournaments, Thompson Films will be filming at the Champions Cup, The Rise Tournament, and The Capital Cup. We offer purchasing game footage from the tournaments and that can be purchased right through the Midwestern Force website.

We also offer editing individual highlight DVD's for the players. We go through the game footage and pull the best highlights of each player, in each clip there is an arrow to point out who the coach should be focusing on when watching, we add title card player information, and can add music. We can also edit from high school game footage or other tournament footage you may have. When the highlights are complete, we provide an online link that can easily be emailed to college coaches for viewing.

Interested in Playing Club Lacrosse or Have a Friend or Teammates Who May Want to Join In?

Midwestern Force, Southern Storm, Roanoke Rapids and Lockness Monsters Lacrosse starts enrollment for the upcoming season Mid-September. The Club Season runs June thru March. There are also opportunities to participate in the current year’s Fall/Winter season. Girls from First Grade thru High School Seniors are welcome to join!! The emphasis is on development, so there are NO CUTS, but is there is evaluation for placement on the optional travel teams.

For more information please email or call 330-697-0081.


The Midwestern Force Lacrosse Club and its sister club, the Southern Storm Lacrosse Club, are competitive, out-of-season club teams that strive to provide players from the Midwest and Southern states a variety of instructional and competitive opportunities that enable players to reach their maximum potential.

Both the Midwestern Force Lacrosse and Southern Storm Lacrosse club teams provide players the opportunity to compete against the best players in the country at premier, national tournaments.

They are composed of dedicated individuals who are eager to share their passion and knowledge for lacrosse. MFL & SSL believes that EVERY player can succeed at the next level and is committed to challenging players to reach new heights.

MFL is composed of players primarily from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kentucky, while SSL is composed of players from South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Our goal is to provide players ample opportunities to improve their skills by expert instruction and elite competition at national events.

...playing lacrosse, learning new skills, elevating your game, traveling to new places, making new friends, having fun, trying new things, challenging yourself, learning to be disciplined, competing against the best in the U.S., reaching new heights, playing beyond yourself, sharing your passion, experiencing success ... if this is what you want out of a lacrosse team, then this organization is for you!!


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